Green beans a plenty!

For all of the bean lovers out there, we have what you need to eat, can, or freeze. It was a 3 hour bean picking event to get all of them out today, and afterwards all of the other produce was done. Lisa has replenished the canned items for this weekend, and yes, there is salsa in the stand. Almost all of the shelves are full!
Corn update… we cooked some on the grille last night. Very sweet and tasty, but the kernels are still too small. Unfortunately corn will not be ready for this weekend, but will be coming soon. Keep your ears attentive!
Many of you have inquired about melons. Due to the huge amount of rain we received over the last 6 weeks there have been some issues. We will post when they are available, but are not expecting a yield like 2020.
Patriotic décor is now on sale in our Goods store. Stop in for American décor, furniture, and gift items. While visiting sign up for the next raffle piece pictured below. This piece is hand burned and painted with flowers on a wooden panel. The photo does not do the art piece justice. Sign up in Goods, and the raffle drawing will be in 3 weeks. Thanks for growing with us. Holly Hill

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