Summer is here..

Summer has made it’s appearance in Georgia. While still cooler than previous years, the AM humidity makes it feel much hotter. Warning as a moment of reality is being shared in this post tonight.
The produce pickin’ is done, and sweating occurred. The goodness from mother nature is packed out in the Farm stand.
The melon garden was moved to a different garden for 2021. This has not been a positive change, and we are expecting a small yield for melons this year. Yes, we will have a few cantaloupe starting tomorrow, but recommend getting them while you can. Saddening as we love cantaloupe also. We will keep you updated.
Corn is planned to be picked this week which loves the 2021 garden change! Okra, eggplant, and peppers are beginning to make a statement in the stand too. Our squash, zucchini, and cucumbers are hanging on in this heat, and the tomatoes are keeping up with demand. Yes, the bean supply ran out today despite the early AM abundance, but fear not, more were picked, and they will be available tomorrow.
Goods is open again tomorrow. Come visit us, browse, sign up for the raffle, or just say hi. If Goods isn’t unlocked just ring the door bell, Lisa will come down, and let you in.
Hoping you have a blessed Monday PM! See you at the farm!

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