“C” is for corn and cantaloupe

The first dozen ears of sweet corn, and a few more cantaloupe are available tomorrow, Wednesday. If you haven’t tried the lemon cucumbers, get them while they last. The vines do not survive long in the summer heat, so they won’t last all summer. The watermelon check-up indicates they are close, but not yet quite ready.
Speaking of close to ready, the pepper variety will soon increase as the scorpion, Carolina reaper, mini bell, and banana peppers are starting to ripen. Candy yellow tomatoes are ripening too, so they too will soon be making an appearance.
New Goods inventory arrived this morning. Make sure to stop in, and sign up for the raffle that will be drawn in 2 weeks for more custom artwork. More names were added to the raffle pot today, and we hope everyone enjoys your purchases. Check out Goods the remainder of the week from 10am to 4pm, rain or shine.
Duties are still on the PM agenda! We hope everyone has a wonderful evening! Until tomorrow! J&L

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