And then there were watermelons

We are almost to the another hot summer weekend. The tomato sale was a hit today, thanks to all who swung by, we hope you enjoy the fresh produce. The watermelon taste test occurred last night, and we are proud to say the first few watermelons will be in the stand tomorrow, YAY!! More will be available as they ripen. As a reminder, watermelons are difficult to judge maximum ripeness, so if you have any issues with your melon please message or call us. Get your cantaloupes while you can, as we are almost at the end of the harvest. The ready to eat cantaloupe is in the Farm fridge if you prefer already sliced.
Goods will be open through Saturday for gifts, furniture, décor, and more! New items arrived, are priced, and ready for sale. As one of our customers today said, “this is fabulous, I didn’t realize it was so big with beautiful items for sale at good prices”. Thank you, we are glad you stopped in!
After the lunchtime thunderstorm, the picking is finally done for the day. The Farm stand is stocked and ready for tomorrow. It has been a sticky, hot one today, and we are ready for some air conditioning. Have a stellar night, and we will see you tomorrow!

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