The finale of cantaloupe

The cantaloupe season has come to a premature end due to the wetter, and cooler overnight weather we had during the late winter, and early spring months. Swing by to get the last of the delicious cantaloupe, whole melons and ready to eat pre-cut are available. All available cantaloupe will be in the farm stand starting tomorrow with the ready to eat cantaloupe in the Farm fridge. The watermelons on the other hand are just beginning to make their way into the stand. Sugar baby, crimson sweet, and yellow honey watermelon available when they ripen some more. The beans have been restocked again for the start of the week-end. Questions have arisen if we sell bushels of produce for canning, unfortunately we do not at this time.
Goods had multiple visitors this week to browse, shop, and sign up for the raffle. When will the fall items arrive in the store? Our goal is for late August, into early September. If there is something from our spring / summer offerings that has tripped your fancy, we recommend stopping by before the fall transition begins.
The daily picking is complete, the Farm stand is stocked, and Holly Hill is ready for another Friday. Have a great evening! HHFG

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