Is that the sun we see?

The missing orange ball in the sky has finally appeared and it is a steamy GA summer once again. We are not complaining though as the gardens can dry out and so can our feet. Good news, yellow watermelon are available in the stand for tomorrow, along with more sugar baby and crimson sweets. Tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, eggplant, squash, zucchini, peppers, beans, and corn are also ready for tomorrow. Some corn is not perfect as we were not able to spray due to the wet weather to prevent insect damage. This corn is still good to eat and we are offering them at a discounted price. There is a new bargain bin under the shelves for the corn.
Just 3 more days to get your name in for the artwork raffle. Some folks stopped in today to register, and also take advantage of the end of summer sale. The sale will last through August, and then we will transition to fall offerings. If there is an item(s) you have your eye on, scoop it up soon for a great deal.
We hope you have a fantastic evening, we are off to project!

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