Feelin’ hot, hot, hot Friday

Summer while officially here for a month, has now arrived in the daily temps. The breeze was little, humidity was high, and it made for a hot day tending to the gardens. Some shade, tunnel house fans, and cold water made it more bearable. The gardens have had the daily picking, and the stand is packed out for Saturday. The ready to eat cantaloupe are almost gone, and tomorrow will be the last day they are available for the 2021 season. Eggplant is currently on sale. Since summer has now arrived the okra is producing more. We also stocked some green tomatoes for those who enjoy that southern staple of fried green tomatoes.
Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the artwork raffle. Swing into Goods, browse, shop, and register prior to tomorrow evening’s drawing. Everything in Goods is on sale, including the already marked down items. The close of summer offerings is coming closer to an end before turning into fall décor offerings.
For closure to the daily post, thanks to mom and daughter for taking the time to help do some trouble shooting on the PayPal QR code for payments. We have noticed that occasionally Apple smart phones tend to have a problem. New QR codes have been printed, and now also includes a website below the QR code that can be entered into your web browser if the QR code will not work for payments.
Happy close of Friday, and hoping everyone enjoys their freshness purchased at the stand today! J&L

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