Hello okra

The heat of the hot GA summer causes certain vegetables to yield fruit in abundance, and others such as the large slicing tomatoes are taking longer to ripen. Okra is a lover of the heat and more is available Monday in the Farm stand. A variety of peppers, peaches & cream corn (bicolor), watermelon, eggplant, and beans are packed out with ready to eat watermelon, and raspberries available in the Farm fridge. Tomato yield for smaller cherry, small slicing, and yellow candy tomatoes has kicked into overdrive, The tunnel house fans are whirring 24/7 to try and keep everything cooler. New cucumbers were planted but are still young, so there is a limited supply of them at the moment. The silver queen corn is almost ready, just waiting on mother nature to ripen them up, and will be in the stand soon.
The Goods artwork raffle drawing was done last night. Congratulations to Sandy Bost, we have sent you an email. Thanks for shopping with us! Stay tuned for our next raffle.
We hope everyone has a great remainder of Sunday, and a fabulous week. See ya’ at the stand! HHFG

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