Broadcasting from Holly Hill Farm & Goods, your attention please!

We come to you this afternoon with much information about happenings, and availability here at Holly Hill. As a reminder, only non-GMO seeds are grown, and only OMRI certified products are used for fungi/pest control when necessitated. Since there are no wax coatings, or early pickings of our produce they may not look like the typical grocer, but we feel the taste will overwhelm the looks.
Onto some more fruitful news. The first of the silver queen corn is here, while the bicolor peaches & cream corn is coming to a closure. The new batch of cucumbers is growing nicely, so more should be available soon. Large slicing tomatoes are still taking their time to ripen due to the recent high temps, regardless of the tunnel fans constantly running. Fortunately small slicing, paste, cherry, & yellow candy tomatoes are coming out quickly, and readily available in the stand. On another note, Lisa has been canning some new tasty treats. On Thursday we welcome peach preserves, and peach blueberry jam to the Farm stand. Also as a first for us, a small crop of peaches have been picked. If you are interested in them for your canning/cooking/baking adventures, please message, email, or call us with the amount you would like. These peaches will not be stocked in the Farm stand. Hot scorpion peppers are nearing ready, so for those who like it HOT, stay tuned.
Meanwhile, happening in the Goods store. A new handcrafted item has been chosen for the final summer raffle. It’s a handmade summer flower arrangement with a butterfly embellishment (see photo below). This last summer raffle will run through August 21st. Stop in, register, browse, and shop while the remaining spring/summer collection is available at a discount. Thanks to everyone who has visited with us in Goods.
So that concludes this evening’s broadcast from Holly Hill news. The rain just recently finished passing through with 1 inch in 30 minutes. Fortunately no hail that came through just north of us. Have a happy Wednesday eve! J&L

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