Pressure cooker

Another summer day in GA where it has felt like being in a pressure cooker. Fortunately next week looks like we will have some reprieve, albeit maybe with some rain.
We hope you liked the recipe from last night’s post It would appear some folks may be having that for dinner this week as the peppers seemed to make an exit from the stand today. Don’t worry, be happy, there are more for tomorrow. The ventilation fans recently installed in the tunnels appear to be helping keep the tomatoes cooler as color change from green to red is a bit quicker now. Which means …. more fresh, juicy slicing tomatoes are coming soon. The Cherokee purple have continued to ripen quickly, and more are in the stand. Farm is restocked and ready for Friday.
The raffle drawing jar has more entries, a thanks to everyone for visiting, and we hope you enjoy your purchases. Plenty of locally made décor items are still available with end of season deals to be had.
Stay cool! We wish you a great evening! HHFG

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