Bye bye July

Wow, only one more day left in July? Where has the summer gone? It is hard to believe August is here starting Sunday. The fall seeds are being prepared for seed trays already, and in another couple weeks the fall holiday décor will arrive in Goods.
With the unrelenting heat and humidity this week, the gardens have been slow producers of their fruits as mentioned. Rest assured we are keeping the stand as stocked as possible with tomatoes to okra, beans to corn, and all of the fresh grown here, non-GMO produce we all have come to love.
Need a piece of unique furniture for your home, vacation home, or cabin? Or that one of a kind decorative item? Intrigued of what you might find? We invite you to satisfy that curiosity, and come on up to the Goods building. There just might be something that speaks to you. (Peeking into the window doesn’t count.) 🙂
Appreciative is an understatement for the pm storm to come cool mother Earth off. A heat index of 102 degrees was noticed today. We enjoyed watching the cleansing rain fall on the farm giving everything a drink. Until tomorrow, may your dinners be delicious, and your evening be relaxing. J&L

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