Oh deer…

It is the 1st of August already with tomorrow being the first day of the school year for Cherokee County.
Our August morning started with quite the AM surprise in the front yard. Last night while floating around in our recreational device, we heard something that sounded like a tire blow out several hundred yards up the road. A vehicle then stopped at Gin Ln for a piece, and drove off before I could get down there to offer assistance. Well as the post title probably gives it away, the car hit a deer. Said deer somehow managed to make it all the way down to our front yard, and expired due to injuries. A first in both of our lives of having to dispose of a large animal. After multiple phone calls, and research this morning, we found out that ultimately it was our problem to deal with. The circle of life now continues away in a friendly neighbor’s woods. Another chapter in the book of life.

Meanwhile while the front yard was having a cleanup on isle 10, Lisa was out back handling the daily picking chores. The stand is stocked for Monday. The large slicing tomatoes now grace the stand again after a Saturday sell out, fresh raspberries are in the Farm fridge, and the last of the season watermelons are in the stand. For the okra lovers, we have a good supply for tomorrow. As a reminder, come early if there is something in the stand you have your eye on. We wish everyone an uneventful, fantastic Sunday, and wish the kiddos a fun first day of school tomorrow! J&L

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