Preserving the freshness.

Many customers have inquired recently on how much longer the produce stand will be open. The answer is as long as the plants continue to produce, which is all predicated by what mother nature throws our way regarding temperatures. Some plants come to an end of life cycle, while others continue to produce until it gets cold. For example our indeterminate tomatoes, they are now in tunnels which will have end walls reinstalled once the temperatures drop. As this is our first year with the tunnels and also using the lean & lower technique, we really don’t know what to expect yet. Speaking of the lean and lower technique, we have tomato plants in the tunnels that are about 15 feet tall. Quite impressive looking.
There are ways for you to savor the last bit of summer produce during the fall, and winter months. Canning is not the only available option, freezing is also one. We currently have a upright freezer full of produce that will last us through the winter months. Green beans, peppers, squash, zucchini, and some fruits are so simple to freeze. All it takes is boiling water, ice cold water, and freezer bags. Wash and rinse your produce, cut it as you desire, drop the produce into boiling water for 3 minutes (blanching), and then immediately drop the same produce into ice cold water until cool to stop the cooking process. Drain the produce in a colander over the sink, place in freezer bags, and then put them in the ice chest. Make sure you put the date, and what produce it is on the outside of the bag so you know what to use first. Most will last up to 6 months. Yes, it really is that simple. You can enjoy homegrown produce throughout the winter months until we open back up again in the spring.
Onto Goods. Goods opens again tomorrow, and wow do we have an amazing sale going on. The furniture has been significantly marked down, and then the summer discount is still applied to your purchases. You can’t find many deals like this. Swing by, get your fresh produce, and stop into Goods for some great items at the lowest prices of the year. Have a marvelous evening! HHFG

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