Cooler temps have arrived in August?

It has been a busy day on the farm. The tomato tunnel needed the weekly cleansing, and we are excited to say the tomatoes are ripening faster now that the weather is cooler. Great news for all the tomato lovers with slicing tomatoes being the main act again. Lisa has added a new canned goody to the offerings … welcome hot pepper jelly. This can be used as a glazing for meats & vegetables, toppings for cheese & crackers, or mixed with cream cheese for a dip. The stand is again replenished with freshness.
While the summer blow out in Goods is happening, a question has been debated multiple times over the past 2 weeks. Goods was not open for a summer to fall transition last year, and our opinions have been mixed. If you would like to start seeing fall offerings at this time of the year please comment and let us know. We value your feedback, and hope you will share them with us.
The summer days sure are clicking by at a fast pace. Labor day is quickly approaching which typically means the “unofficial” end of summer. Wishing all a peaceful evening. HHFG

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