Early bird and worms

Well, not to sound like a skipping 33 1/3 record, but it has been another hot week. Yep we know 8 tracks and reel to reels around here too. It wasn’t that long ago. 🙂

The Farm stand has been stocked with what the gardens would give today as the heat has again slowed ripening of the veggies. The early bird will get the produce with no worms as tomorrow’s offerings will be less than our typical Saturdays. Offering grown here farm fresh vegetables has it’s ebbs, and flows that are out of our control. Fingers are crossed the weather forecast holds true for next week with the lower 80’s as highs.

Items are going fast in Goods, so if there is something in our summer collection you are interested in, stop in and see Lisa tomorrow. Only 1 more week for our raffle so don’t forget to come in to sign up.

Farm and Goods both open at 9:00AM tomorrow. Lisa will be available to assist with any questions. She is usually in Goods if you need some help. Happy Friday! HHFG

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