Fred rained, and rained

Lots of rain has fallen with some wind in the past 24 hours from tropical storm Fred, 5″s of rain has fallen here at the farm. Fortunately no drama occurred this time as opposed to previous years. Everything has been cleansed with the grass, plants, and crops giving thanks. The cooler day has also caused the tomatoes, and other produce to start ripening for picking, and more freshness availability very soon.
Both Farm & Goods will be open tomorrow, with Lisa’s first time offering of fig jam being available in Farm.
September 5th of Labor Day weekend 2020 was our first day of Goods being open. The Farm stand had already reached an end by then, so many were unaware of what Goods was to be. Holly Hill Farm & Goods will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary of the Goods building being open with a blowout sale on Saturday, August 28th. Please stay tuned. More details will be shared as we get closer to the date!
Hoping everyone had an uneventful past 24 hours. See ya’ at Farm & Goods. J&L

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