Wholesomeness Wednesday

Today must have been the day where many came out to get their fresh veggies. Most of the produce was sold by end of day, and we even did a noon time restock on some that had completely sold out early. While we try and keep the stand stocked, the demand over the past several weeks has exceeded what the gardens have been able to provide. Planning each year’s offerings of fresh produce is like playing the stock market. Plant too much, and you lose due to too much product. Plant too little, and you lose again wishing you had planted more. This year we have seen a tremendous amount of growth in customers that has exceeded our planned expectations. The plans for the 2022 season are already in the works with some potential large changes happening. “Come grow with us” is not just a phrase that we use, but fortunately a reality we have been blessed to live in this farming endeavor. 24 hours of cooler Monday – Tuesday weather gave more okra, peppers, eggplant, raspberries, corn, tomatoes, and more for the Thursday offerings of freshness in the Farm stand.

The Goods summer sale is on for another week and a half with our 1 year anniversary sale on Saturday, August 28th as mentioned last night. For those who follow us on Facebook an event will be created that can be added to your calendar. Please like and share with those you know. We have posted a variety of inventory photos over the last few weeks, and some of the items have already found new homes. If you see something you like, come and get it before it is gone. Also stop in and sign up for the raffle that will be drawn this Saturday the 21st for the flower arrangement on top of the refrigerator in Goods.
As mentioned many times before, thanks to everyone for shopping, sharing, and supporting local. Happy hump day. HHFG

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