Chili time?

It’s around that time of the year when chili masters begin to get their recipes out for the cooler weather. We love a good pot of hot chili made with our fresh grown here ingredients, and then topped with some fresh grated cheddar cheese. Just putting this post together is making us want a steamy bowl.
In the Farm stand we have a variety of flavorful peppers, both hot and sweet, to dehydrate, crush, chop up, and/or freeze to make those chili recipes amazingly tasty. Whatever tempts your fancy, sweet banana pepper, bell pepper, or one of our hotter types, jalapeno, scorpion, or carolina reapers we have them for your recipe. Come and get them while they are still here.
Hot sauces and canned pepper powders are also available to add that little extra heat & zing if you don’t want to wait the hours dehydrating and preparation takes.
For the other offerings we still have slicing tomatoes, okra, and eggplant, along with the jellies and jams.
See ya’ at the Farm!

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