It’s a decorating time of year!

With the wet Sunday and impending rain forecasted for the week we have been taking advantage of the dry times. Farm & Goods buildings are decorated for Halloween/fall, 2 of the gardens are cleaned out with the spinach, second round of beets, and radishes also being planted. While summer produce has slowed down with their offerings, we have been able to extend the season numerous weeks past what we were able to do in 2020 due to the winter addition of the tunnel houses. The Tuesday offerings are pictured below.
Goods is open again starting tomorrow. If you are ready to decorate or just need to add to your Halloween/fall décor, we hope you will think of us when you are out shopping. We have unique, local handcrafted items for both indoors and out. A few bundles of cornstalks also remain. Happy Monday evening!

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