Summer produce is still coming?

The tomatoes received a health check today by the newest gardener in the family, and she said “turning red good”. The tunnel has kept the tomatoes warm enough at night so we can enjoy the freshness a little longer. The okra, and peppers are also still producing despite the 3 cold nights. Need hot peppers for your chili dinner, or bell peppers for beef stew? We still have both, along with the banana peppers and jalapenos in the Farm stand. The last of the eggplant for 2021 are in the Farm stand.
With summer produce winding down the Goods building is in full swing for the holidays. Need a gift, canned items, gift baskets, or home décor? Swing on into Goods and take advantage of the fall sale. While there, sign up for the raffle to be drawn this Saturday.
We hope to see you soon at the farm, have a fabulous evening!

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