KA’ Boom

It was quite a storm that came through last night with 2″ of rain in about 40 minutes. Ditches overflowed whilst taking the landscaping mulch to other locations. Mr. Farmer was in the metal shop, Mrs. Farmer was in the house with our 4 legged supervisor Bailey. A VERY close lightning strike made every hair on our bodies stand at attention despite being in multiple locations. Even with having numerous surge protection devices for power, cable, and ethernet lines, the lightning wiped out a few of our electronics (again). We are grateful that nothing lost was critical to the daily farm operations. Regardless of how much boy scout preparation has been achieved, mother nature tends to find a path that cannot be protected from a lightning strike. In the meantime we are patiently waiting for the replacements to arrive. We hope your evening was uneventful!
Holly Hill will be open tomorrow from 9am to 4pm for both Farm and Goods. The Farm stand offerings are shown below. The Goods fall sales event continues with spectacular discounts on almost the entire store! The fall raffle drawing will be done on Saturday evening so be sure to sign up in Goods. Shop local! We hope to see you tomorrow. J&L

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