It’s getting “chili”…

It’s been a while since I did a longer posting, hence the reason it is out late, so here it goes.
The cold night time temperatures have arrived and the wood stove was lit off last night to keep the house warm, and has continued throughout today. We do things here on our farm and property that most may consider abnormal these days with the multitudes of automated and luxurious offerings readily available. For us there is that nostalgia of the wood stove heating the house (the smell, heart warming heat), growing produce naturally, eating fresh apple pie (made with our fresh pie filling available in the stand), and getting to know neighbors in the communities around us. Yes we have some high tech gizmos, but we miss the days of small businesses and their owners’ names being more prevalent in discussions around the local community vs. a WWWdot or box store. While the landscape has changed we still make many efforts to support local. The definition of ‘local’ has changed throughout the years with the advent of the internet. When you have a need for a product that is not offered in your local area, a real in depth search is frequently required. We found this to be a real challenge to find the supplies needed to start farming on a larger scale. For many of our needs we still support local businesses, however they are now located in a variety of states to include WV, VA, TN, NC, IN, IL, OH, CT, PA, GA, and more. Soon we will be offering more local Cherokee County products in an effort to #shoplocal. Stay tuned.
The Farm stand has peppers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, romaine lettuce, and canned goods available. The fresh summer produce offerings are still here for those hearty, belly warming cold weather recipes also.
Goods is open tomorrow and we will be around the farm to meet, greet, and assist in any way.
Happy Friday evening! Jason

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