A busy week before the snow…

Most folks would assume that winter is not a busy time on a produce farm, let us just tell you how wrong that is. This last week Holly Hill has been crazy. Say hello to our 3 new high tunnels, completed in the last 2 days to keep the soil dry before the wet weather / snow. Along with those, we have a new roadway to get to 4 of the tunnels, completely new irrigation, and power for the tunnels. Additionally, early herb and flower seeds have been started for our spring opening, and the garden soil samples are ready to be sent off for testing.
Today consisted of prepping everything for the frozen precipitation that is coming our way tomorrow. Irrigation lines are drained, shade cloth on the 2 older tunnels removed so no freezing rain would tear them, plastics cinched down on the tunnels for wind protection, plants moved into the tunnels, and the list goes on. Tired yet? Wait until you see what we have in store for next week! Stay tuned to the HHFG channel for more news to come!

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