Fruits and veggies are on the way!

Even though the weather has not been the warmest and the nights are still cooler, the plants in the tunnels are continuing to grow, albeit slowly. We do have evidence that there are fruits and veggies coming. The radishes, herbs, and onions have been planted and the remaining field veggie seeds will be planted in the very near future, weather permitting.
The farm stand is open even though there is no fresh produce yet. We stocked jams, jellies, hot sauce, pepper powder, and herbs for your windowsill or garden, as well as the Alma coffee. Goods is hopping with shoppers loving the new items available. If you’re a regular who hasn’t stopped by, or a newbie to the farm, swing on in and say hi. We have already chatted with some, and would love to meet you too! Visit us again tomorrow, Saturday 3/26 from 9am to 4pm.

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