Wacky weather

The sun is out, the rain is gone, the pollen is back, and it is currently 75 degrees outside. However, in the next few days the nights are going to be dangerously close to freezing again. Why are we concerned and weather watching you ask? Well, the corn and melons can’t be planted until next week, we will say a prayer that the already planted field seeds are unharmed, and the tunnel plants must stay warm and toasty to continue to flower and fruit. Wish us luck!
Goods had some visitors who braved the misty weather this morning and a few who arrived once the sun came out. Have you stopped in to visit? If not, we hope to see you soon! Don’t forget to add your name for the raffle of hand painted artwork. Only a week remains until the drawing.
There are more tasks to be finished before we can call it a day. Have a good evening and we will see you soon!

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