Blackberry winter arrives in GA

Ever heard of a blackberry winter? If not, let us enlighten you with a farming fun fact. Blackberry winter is a cold snap that occurs in spring when the temperatures drop into the 30’s, and normally happens when the blackberry plants are in full bloom. Just like clockwork, our blackberry plants have blossoms a plenty and ta da, blackberry winter arrives tonight. What we can say to you, bring in any sensitive plants, cover the ones you can’t, and stay warm. In our case, the berry patch is too large and we cannot cover it, so we watered the plants to keep the roots warm instead. Unfortunately, we can only hope there is no frost that damages the blossoms of those, the blueberry and strawberry plants.
In other happenings on the farm, we are open tomorrow for both Farm and Goods. Bundle up, pour your coffee (or grab a bag of ours), and stop by for a visit, the buildings are warm and toasty. See you soon!

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