No excuses… just truth

Good evening all! Today was busy with many folks who came by. Unfortunately we were almost out of produce in the am due to our limited selection. Part of our blogging includes us being truthful with our customers. While we hope this is never taken as a negative, honesty is our policy. Farming is something learned by experience, and this year has presented new challenges for us to learn. So far we have had rodents eating our newly sprouted seedlings back in February, insects that survived the winter in our high tunnels, and multiple nights that were at or below freezing. Our hopes are that those new to us are patient as our offerings will keep you coming back weekly. The quantities and varieties will be expanding soon as warmer days arrive to include tomatoes, melons, corn, okra, etc.
If you haven’t seen the Goods store yet, it is open Wednesday through Saturday. If the door is locked ring the doorbell, and Lisa will be down to assist you briefly.
Wednesdays available produce is shown below. Thanks for all that came today, and please stay tuned for the freshness. J&L

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