Fresh herb Friday!

Another new addition is available in the Farm stand. Fresh cooking herbs will be available in the Farm fridge tomorrow. Basil, parsley, dill, and rosemary are now on tap. The jams, honey, pickles, and produce are also restocked.
Thanks to those who have taken advantage of our Mother’s day sale in Goods today. There will be some moms, and grandmas that are getting unique, locally made gifts this year. If you still need gifts for the ‘Mothers’ in your life, come and see us. The sale will continue through Saturday.
Tomorrow may be a wet one with storms possible. Produce picking will commence regardless to prepare for the weekend. To all matriarchs, we wish you a very special Mother’s Day weekend. And a big thanks to our Holly Hill moms, thank you for everything, we love you, and we will celebrate you on Sunday!

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