Not seeing the daily offerings? Make sure to read this one.

A bit longer post for the evening. We have had many of our customers recently state they are not seeing our Facebook posts with our daily offerings. This is due to Facebook algorithms, and that many do not actually interact with our evening Facebook or Instagram posts. We diligently post an update 6 days a week during peak season. To insure you are not missing out on the freshness, please come over to our website as your daily source of farm information. The daily posting is generated from our website and cross posts to our Facebook and Instagram pages Just scroll down a bit on our website to the “The Farm Blog” and you won’t miss any of the fresh happenings.

Tomorrow marks the middle of the week, and one day closer to the weekend. Just a few short weeks and the kiddos are out of school and summer officially begins for most. We have your end of the year gifts for teachers, bus drivers, tutors, and anyone else who may need something special to say thank you. Visit our Goods store tomorrow through Saturday.
Tomato lovers, they are growing well in the tunnels and are a vibrant green color. As soon as they are ripe and we have taste tested them for prime goodness, you will know. This year we have on tap Cherokee purple (our ugly tomato), Geronimo red slicers, cherry tomatoes, and yellow candy tomatoes.
Tomorrow’s stand offerings are shown below. Thank you to all who commented regarding the elderberry syrup We will be working to get that in the stand soon. As always, happy hump day! HHFG

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