Fresh produce, local honey, jams, pickles, and more!

Wow, we have gone from a small amount of offerings to a semi packed stand in a very short time. Welcome to Holly Hill, where there may not be much one day and then BOOM, a packed out farm stand with variety! Friday is looking great for those who visit both Farm and Goods.
We are finishing up the raffle this week and the winner will be drawn on Saturday. Stop into Goods to sign up and browse our selection of local, handcrafted items. You may find something that suits your fancy.
Farm is stocked with produce, fresh herbs, new jam selections, pickles, local honey, and coffee. Hopefully you have liked, and followed (that’s important) our pages on social media and make sure to interact with the posts to insure they show up in your feed. Or follow the daily blog at to insure you don’t miss the latest offerings at Holly Hill.
Elderberry syrup update. Thanks to all who commented several days ago. We have an order in which should be arriving Friday, and will be available as soon as it does arrive. The elderberry needs to stay refrigerated so it will be in the Farm refrigerator.
There is still more to do today so we will sign off for now and see you at the farm!

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