Tomato time is getting closer!

Happy Monday eve! We did not catch the lunar eclipse last night which was rare for us as we enjoy celestial events. Instead a rare moment of watching a movie together and studying eyelids took precedence. Hope you were able to enjoy it. And now onto the farm updates…
The strawberries are nearing their seasonal end, but the blackberries are on the way to replace them. Color changes have began on the tomato front. The cherry tomatoes are turning red with availability expected in the near future. The large slicers are still green, but getting some girth with the progress being monitored closely. Have you had the lemon cucumbers yet? In case you haven’t seen or tried them yet, they are the yellow ‘baseballs’ next to the strawberries. No, they don’t taste like a lemon, but they do have a thinner skin and a lighter texture compared to a regular cucumber. They have been a hit for those who dared try them and keep returning for more each season.
The newly arrived sweet potato slips were planted today. More onions were also planted as the first batch wasn’t on it’s “A” game. The fruit trees are showing signs of potential offerings for peaches, pears, and figs this year. Fingers crossed!
Leaving you with a few photos of tomatoes to make your mouth water for the evening. See you soon at the farm!

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