A blow out day!

Thanks to everyone who shopped with us today. Hoping you enjoy your farm fresh produce. We sold out of produce today which has changed our dinner plans 🙂 For those who came by in the late afternoon, sorry the freshness had left the stand. With many more people moving into the area over the last two years and the word getting out about Holly Hill FG, this year has kicked off with a fantastic start. While we have increased our production each year as we have grown, we couldn’t have predicted the current situation our world and economy is in. The planning and ordering of seeds and supplies begins about 8 months before you see the first produce offerings for the current season. The best advice we can offer is to come early if possible.
The farm stand is restocked for tomorrow with more fresh produce along with garlic dill pickles and summer squash salsa.
We had a surprise today while checking the tunnels. There are cauliflower and cabbage heads forming which should be available soon. As always we will let you know when they are available.
For those who have not tried the honey or the elderberry you are missing out. The local honey is delicious on biscuits, toast or in tea. The elderberry syrup is packed with healthy antioxidants and tastes more like a juice than a syrup. Only 1 tablespoon a day for adults and 1 teaspoon a day for kiddos. You can even mix it in a cocktail if desired. 😉
Goods is back open tomorrow with our next raffle has started . Come into Goods to register for another unique piece. This raffle is a handmade grapevine wreath with butterflies, and roses (pictured below). We also have 2 new handmade sunflower boards to decorate your front doors for the summer that have arrived.
Wishing you a wonderful evening! HHFG

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