Summer is comin’

Good golly was it hot today, 96 on the temperature gauge here. The farm was busy with customers both in Farm and Goods. The stand is restocked with what the gardens gave us. Guess what we can say….. we got the first 2 cherry tomatoes out of the tunnel, so the beginning of tomato season has begun. We will take one for the team tonight and taste test these beauties to make sure they are as fantastic as they look. 🙂 The elderberry is going fast, and the honey is stocked up again. Jams, pickles, squash salsa, herbs, and hot sauce round out the stand for tomorrow.
Goods is open with another raffle, and new arrivals. Have you stopped in and checked out the store, just to browse maybe? If not, give Lisa a break from farm chores and the heat, let her enjoy the AC for a short bit while you shop. Just ring the doorbell and she will be down.
We love our pollinators and they have arrived in force in the tunnels. When tending to the plants, or picking the veggies for the day, you get to work alongside them. This little guy was making sure we had more lemon cucumbers for the stand.
Stay cool out there, looks like another hot one tomorrow.

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