Liquid sunshine to the rescue!

We apologize for the late post, technical difficulties. Well, 2.5 inches of rain fell at the farm today and the plants that are in the outside gardens loved it. We think the corn jumped at least 3 inches today. One container of cherry tomatoes graces the stand tomorrow, along with more fresh produce. The pickles, honey, coffee, herbs, and jams are stocked & ready for your table. Tomorrow looks to be a little less dreary, so if you missed our freshness today there is more for tomorrow.
The first 2 blackberries were picked with more on the way. I managed to take a picture before they went into my mouth. Oh are they good! 2 containers of strawberries are available for tomorrow. Looks like the red cabbage and possibly more cauliflower will be ready, hoping by this weekend.
Have a great evening and we will see you tomorrow at the stand!

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