Do we see red?

It’s finally happening, the slicers are turning red! A few juicy red tomatoes have made it to the stand for tomorrow, and more will be on the way in the very near future. While we wait, pick up a Cherokee Purple….. you will not be disappointed. You can also grab a green tomato for fried green maters if you like. To keep up with our new demand, more cucumber seeds were put in today. Those asking about the watermelon and cantaloupe, we are watching them closely and they look to be happy and healthy in their new spot this year.
Lisa just got finished with tunnel cleaning and we are stocked for tomorrow’s crowd. Thank you to the person who brought back a canning jar, we appreciate it. Don’t forget if you bring back your jar so we can recycle it, there is an extra 5% discount on your Goods purchase. That’s all for tonight folks, have a great evening.

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