Saturday offerings

What a busy Friday, both Farm and Goods were hopping today. We hope everyone enjoys their produce and Good’s purchases. Squash and zucchini remain on sale for tomorrow. Holly Hill is open tomorrow from 9am to 4pm, so if you missed us this week tomorrow is the day. Fresh produce is restocked and Goods is ready.
As we head into the summer produce season, we have a few updates. The red slicers are slowly ripening, but the Cherokee Purple tomatoes are available and they are amazingly good. Some might even say they are better than a regular red slicer, try one and decide for yourself. Our cherry tomatoes and yellow candy tomatoes are ripening now and will be in the stand as soon. More variety including the melons, corn, beans, and spaghetti squash will be on the horizon soon.
Have a great evening and we will see you tomorrow.

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