Happy Father’s Day!

A big Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Celebrate dad with coffee, local honey, hot sauce, jams, pickles, and fresh veggies from the farm stand. Our dads will enjoy their celebration on Sunday! We have a good variety awaiting you tomorrow at the farm stand. The silver queen corn ears are slowly getting larger, the melons are ripening, and the okra is just starting to form. The photo below shows Saturday availability .
While we wait on the edible watermelon, stop into Goods for the wooden watermelon. They look so real you may just want to eat them. Other “Goodies” await you in the Goods store, along with the raffle sign up. Names have been filling the container this week, did you get yours in yet?
After several near misses of rain the past 2 days we finally got 1/4 inch this afternoon. Much cooler now! Happy Friday and we will see you tomorrow at the farm!

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