Holly Hill Happenings…

We have spaghetti, butternut & acorn squash, and figs in the stand for Friday! Lisa checked the corn today and oh boy they are almost ready! While everyone is salivating, keep an eye on the postings, the silver queen corn is very close. As we mentioned yesterday, the elderberry syrup is back in the stand. We are in the process of carrying a variety of elderberry products including cold pressed syrup without cinnamon for those who have food sensitivities. This will supplement the delicious syrup we already carry. Other products will include elderberry lemonade, travel drops for immune defense, and loose leaf tea. If you are interested, have questions or any suggestions please comment or send us a message. Your input is greatly appreciated.
Goods has new items for July 4th in stock for the upcoming holiday. Lets celebrate America with items to decorate your tables, mantles or picnic areas for cookouts. Visit Goods to browse the selection available, and while you’re there sign up for the raffle, only 2 days left before the drawing.
We are stocked and ready with all the goodness the gardens gave us. See you soon!

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