Liquid sunshine!

Are you ready to celebrate Independence Day? If you need patriotic décor for doors, tables, mantles and picnic areas swing into Goods. We have flag boards, table décor, wreaths and more available. Among the patriotic décor we did get some new summer inventory to include some cute “bugs”. Goods is open tomorrow through Saturday.
The farm stand is stocked up with yummy tomatoes, squashes, cucumbers, jams, salsa, coffee, honey and elderberry all for your upcoming dinners, cookouts and get togethers. Spaghetti, butternut and acorn squash are also in the stand. Lisa pulled 2 ears of corn tonight. 🙂 Taste testing is tonight, and if all goes as anticipated, we will have corn available later this week. Keep an eye or ear out for availability.
And … it has been raining a slow drizzle for the past hour. This rain was much needed as the plants and grass in the yard were starting to get crunchy. Hope you’re getting some rain also! Happy evening! HHFG

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