Cherry tomato explosion!

Well, the cherry tomato plants have decided to explode on us and we have an abundance. That being said cherry tomato lovers the sale is on. Help us find homes for these delicious gems. To supplement the tomatoes we also have okra, small red cabbage heads, cucumbers, cantaloupe, melons, canned goods, honey, tea, coffee and elderberry. Speaking of elderberry, we mentioned yesterday that we now carry multiple elderberry options. For those who have food sensitivities we added an elderberry syrup that is cold pressed with no cinnamon, or cloves. If you haven’t tried it yet, the elderberry hibiscus lemonade is to die for. Lisa could drink that all day long. Tea lovers we didn’t forget about you, welcome winterberry tea to our offerings. Need an on the go immunity boost, or a healthy addition to your current drink of choice, try our natural elderberry drops. These little bottles are shelf stable and can travel in your purse.
Did someone say bees? Goods is back open tomorrow with new items that arrived on Saturday afternoon. While visiting the farm stand feel free to stop up in Goods and check them out. Don’t forget to sign up for the raffle while you are there. If Lisa isn’t in the building or the door is locked, push the doorbell and she will be down shortly. She is probably picking or maintaining the gardens between customers and didn’t hear you pull up.
Happy Wednesday and we will see you tomorrow at the farm!

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