Do we need a larger farm stand 😲?

The produce stand is stocked full again for Tuesday and Lisa has a surprise. She will have a half bushel (26 pounds) of Roma tomatoes available tomorrow in the Farm stand for a lucky individual who wishes to can. Pricing will be marked on the box. The last of the basil pesto is in the Farm fridge along with the fresh herbs, elderberry and ready to eat cantaloupe. Beans, corn, melons, okra, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and much more round out the offerings for tomorrow.
Summer days are quickly passing us by with the last seeds of cucumber, squash, and cantaloupe having been planted a couple weeks ago. The prep work for fall/winter produce has already started.
Today was an industrious day of canning to replenish the summer squash salsa, pickles and salsa jars. Plenty of freshness awaits in the stand for your farm to table meals. See ya’ soon!

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