New offering in farm

Where has summer gone? In 1.5 weeks fall seeds find their way into the seed trays, the kiddos go back to school and we will be into the first week in August. Not to sound like a broken record, but melons, corn, beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes are restocked. The second set of squash and zucchini plants are flowering now so expect those veggies in the stand again soon.
We do have a new addition to the Farm stand starting tomorrow. Please welcome sumac honey our latest offering from Aunt Bee’s Honey Co. If you have never had sumac honey it is a mid summer, dark honey with a robust flavor. It resembles molasses in appearance. Have the summer krud? Well try some sumac honey to help with those symptoms. Lisa tried some yesterday and it is very good. As we move from summer into fall we will continue to offer honey and elderberry as long as possible.
Goods had some foot traffic today. Stop on in, browse, and don’t forget to sign up for the raffle. Lisa welcomed the air conditioned break so thank you.
It was a hot and humid one today and the sun is back. We hope you stayed cool. See you tomorrow!

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