Spring 2019 revisit

Today started off with a wet morning and Lisa got caught in the rain picking okra. Thankfully the rain stopped for her to finish picking and get all the produce inside. The cooler temperatures were also much appreciated. Days like these are normally a slow sales day on the farm which it was. Since we were not busy were able to somewhat have a break.
We did get messages and comments about the new sumac honey. Some were unaware that it even existed, while others were curious as to what it tastes like. Here is our take, give it a try if you don’t like it on toast or biscuits, add it to your baking or tea. It has many uses, and it is a natural, raw honey just like the wildflower. You might have a new favorite honey.
Below is a photo from the spring of 2019 when we were just starting to get into the real learning mode! It sure has changed a bunch in the past 3 years. Thanks to everyone for continuing to shop and grow with us! Jason & Lisa

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