Goods end of summer 40% off sale!

That’s right folks our first 40% off sale. This upcoming weekend marks the end of summer for those with kiddos as school will be starting very soon here in Cherokee County. Our fall inventory will be arriving soon and we need to make some room for the new goodies. All items including furniture are an additional 40% off the marked pricing. Goods will be staffed all day on Saturday so swing in for our first ever BIG sale.
Now onto the Farm side of Holly Hill …. we are packed out for Saturday. We had a healthy harvest of produce today. Melons, corn, beans, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, peppers, honey, coffee, tea, herbs, etc. are all available. When it comes to the Farm stand the early bird gets the worm so arrive early or it will end up on someone else’s dinner table.
Have you tried the elderberry lemonade yet, or the winterberry tea? They are both tasty and loaded with antioxidants. Grab a bottle of local honey for an extra additive and give it an extra kick.
We hope everyone has a fantastic Friday evening and hope to see you tomorrow at the farm!!

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