Do you need some okra?

Calling all okra lovers! Our “okra trees” are loving the hot & humid weather and are producing some great tasting okra. Fried, boiled, added to gumbo, whatever your fancy we have okra for that delicious meal. Pair it with other fresh non-GMO offerings from the Farm stand. Don’t forget the herbs for seasoning and elderberry lemonade for a refreshing drink in the Farm frig. Farm is stocked and ready for go for Thursday.
Folks are taking advantage of our first end of summer 40% off sale in Goods with items finding new homes today. While in Goods don’t forget to sign up for the raffle as the drawing is on Saturday.
Yet another hot and humid day today which is feeling much like Florida weather. Next week the fall seeds will be started on the grow racks for the fall offerings. Enjoy your evening!

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