Fresh produce and Goods sale Saturday 7/30!

We made it through another hot and muggy Georgia summer week. The hot weather produce is coming in strong with okra, corn, beans, and cucumbers. These veggies like the heat and they are ready for your tables. Jams, pickles, salsa, melons, tomatoes, honey, coffee, and elderberry are also restocked. Did you get your basil pesto? There are a few jars remaining in the farm fridge for Saturday.
So as many have noticed the tomato offerings have been limited recently. We put out a post last night about tomatoes. The day and night time temperatures have been so warm that it has caused our over 100 plants to basically go into an almost dormant phase. This happened last year around the same time. Once the temperatures start dropping, the tomatoes should be in abundance again. We were able to offer tomatoes into October last year, and expect the same again this year. Please have patience for those red darlings to reappear as we cannot control mother nature, and are looking forward to having a stand full again!
The Holly Hill Goods sale is helping many folks decorate their homes, and buy gifts for others. Have you stopped in to take advantage of the deals on furniture, décor, and more? If not, Saturday is the day to swing in and take a look. Lisa will be in the building and she will be ready to assist with your purchases.
Have a fantastic Friday evening and we will see you at the farm tomorrow.

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