Yes, we are still open

Hi everyone, we know school has started back and the activities associated with it are commencing. At this time we normally see a slow down in people who visit the farm stand. Just a reminder we are open for fresh produce Monday – Friday 9am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 4pm. While we hope the first week of “back to the grind” goes well for everyone, we do want to continue seeing you at the farm, if only for a few minutes with your busy schedule. We like to visit with our regulars and meet new folks when we can. For those who have just found us, the farm stand is self service with PayPal and cash being the 2 payment options. We pick produce from the back yard each day and it goes into the farm stand each evening. Today, Lisa started some of the fall produce seeds, so we are anticipating having fresh non-GMO produce until Holly Hill closes for the season at Christmas. Yippee! The photo below shows what is available for tomorrow. Have a terrific evening and we will see you soon!

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