They’re back!!

Yes folks peach blueberry jam and peach preserves are back in the farm stand. There are also 2 jars of tart apple jam made with crabapples from our little tree and local honey. It’s a different recipe with no sugar that may pair nicely with pork or chicken instead of on toast. 😊 The stand is stocked up and ready to go for Thursday with the usuals for this time in the season. Surprise, we have a few cantaloupe that are ripe for tomorrow along with both varieties of figs. The rush will be on to see who gets them first.
Don’t miss the 40% off sale in Goods this week. Help us move out summer so we can bring in fall. Hard to believe we are thinking pumpkins when it is 90+ degrees outside, wishful thinking for cooler weather we guess. Maybe the faster we move summer out of Goods the faster the weather will cool off for fall. 🤔 As always we hope your week has gone well and we will see you at the farm.

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