It’s finally Friday!

This week seemed to drag on, normally the weekend sneaks up on us, this week we welcome it. The stand is stocked up and ready with all the goodness the gardens could muster and a few bags of ready to eat cantaloupe are back in the farm fridge. The fall seeds are just starting to peak their heads out of the trays if you can believe it. The next batch will be started very soon and hopefully will be planted in the tunnels and gardens by early September. Coffee is restocked for the weekend along with elderberry lemonade, honey and all the canned goodies.
We decided on the last summer raffle for Goods. A thick slice watermelon will be the next raffle and sign up will start tomorrow. Afraid you will not win the raffle, you can still purchase these watermelons in the store. Stop into Goods, browse the sale, sign up for the raffle and get a sneak peak at some fall items that arrived.
Have a great evening! J&L

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