What’s growing at Holly Hill?

The weekend has arrived, wahoo! Produce is picked and the stand is stocked up for the Saturday rush. We are hoping for a cool down soon as the tomatoes need it. More elderberry syrup is on the way, and you can find the elderberry drops, tea and lemonade in the stand. Fair warning though, the elderberry lemonade is addictive, we know from personal experience. 😁 The second planting of cantaloupe has flowers, the second round of acorn and butternut squash have spouted. It’s the second round of summer melons! Meanwhile the fall seeds have also sprouted on the seed racks.
Goods was busy today and more folks have gorgeous items for their homes. Want to take advantage of our 40% off sale? Swing into Goods Saturday from 9am to 4pm. Deals are abundant on décor, furniture and other items. Better hurry before your favorite item is gone or the sale ends! Some rain cooled us off this afternoon and it was welcomed, Hopefully you got some liquid sunshine too. See you tomorrow at HHFG!

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